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Democratizing the Internet for all

Big Tech Tools For Small Businesses

Big Tech has utilized massive systems to dominate the world of commerce today. As a result, big companies have prospered while small businesses have been relegated to fighting for scraps using what little tech is at their disposal.

The CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem levels the playing field by putting the very same tools used by Big Tech into the hands of innovators and small business owners.


Lower transaction costs and protect your business assets using distributed ledger system

Big Data

Utilize immense data sets consisting of over 2000 unique information on potential customers

Artificial Intelligence

AI analytics will drive millions of ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) to your e-commerce website


Real-time data transfer over 400x faster creates more value and business opportunities for you

Supercharge your business

CrowdPoint Business Tools

The CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem is a complete business-in-a-box solution. Every tool you will ever need is included and fully adaptable to take your business to the next level!

E-commerce Website + Blockchain Exchange

CrowdSourced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unique Distributor / Reseller ID NFT Token

Professionally Curated Email Campaigns

Know Your Customer (KYC) Integration, NFT + Crypto

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management System (WMS) & Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Systems

The CrowdPoint Mission

Empowering Business Owners & Consumers Worldwide

The human identity, unique to each of us, is at the heart of our global commerce today. Big corporations trade our human identity freely and with impunity. We have built a much more profitable and equitable Sharing Economy which will be the backbone of radically new business models of the future. Watch video to learn more.

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Opt-in Sales Leads

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Distributors Worldwide

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Resellers Worldwide

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Trained Affiliates

Welcome to the Future of Ecommerce

A highly equitable and profitable trading platform for all of us

The CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem is integrated with a series of Exchanges across all industries. Participants of this exchange can securely buy, sell and trade your products and services. Cutting out the middlemen and connecting directly to the blockchain participants globally saves cost. The result is superior product quality from manufacturers, higher margin for sellers, and most importantly lower prices for consumers. As a bonus, every transaction rewards all parties involved with CROWD coins; a revolutionary cryptocurrency with value backed by actual physical silver! Everybody wins. This is what the future looks like.

Wellness within reach

The Safest Place to Heal on the Internet

Are you a manufacturer of high quality all natural health and wellness products? Do you own distribution rights to fabulous products that absolutely needs to be shared with the world? The Advanced Medicine Exchange is the perfect place to sell healthcare related products to more than 161 million potential customers who have expressed interest in buying these types of products. These potential customers are matched according to their ailments with your amazing products using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, sending an unlimited number of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to your online store. Never rely on paying money for ads that barely perform ever again! Sign up for the Advanced Medicine Exchange and experience this revolutionary approach to ecommerce.

All products available at this exchange are screened and approved by world class doctors and scientists at the Centers for Advanced Medicine in North Carolina, USA. This ensures the safety and efficacy of the products sold at this exchange, giving buyers and sellers complete ease of mind. A trusted agent in an untrusted world taking care of the most precious thing in our life; our health and wellbeing.

Hackers are eyeing your data

Protect your business and your human identity

Research shows that over 30,000 cyber attacks take place every single day! (source) Any decent business owner should take every precaution possbile to secure their networks, systems, devices as well as all digital assets (online shop, bank account, ewallet, etc) as best as possible.

Consumer grade antivirus is seen as irrelevant by hackers. The only protection that matters are military grade cyber security but these can be very expensive.

CrowdPoint to the rescue! Each participant is equipped with the nextgen VRAI (Vigilant Robotic Artificial Intelligence) software, putting your digital security on par with what big companies are using.

We love everyone

Versatile membership types to fit your style

CrowdPoint was designed with absolutely everybody in mind. Whether you are a successful business looking to expand overseas, or a fresh grad wanting quality work-life balance, our Blockchain Ecosystem is the perfect place for you; No man left behind. God made man as shepherds on this world and created abundance. Now is the time for mankind to recognize this divine purpose and begin to thrive!


For manufacturers, product / brand owners and distribution rights holders who wish to grow their sales globally using our patented ICP matching technology.


For those who prefer to sell products from other distributors using a high-converting dropship landing page. Automate your business and earn while you sleep.


For gig economy participants wishing to work from home. MainStreet app access allows members to find work globally. Tired? Turn off the app and relax.

...And Justice For All!

This is a call to action for all with courage. Together we can build a more abundant future. Are you ready?

Need a friendly face to talk to?

The blockchain universe can be intimidating if you don't know your way around. Let's have a friendly chat.

Come and Meet the CrowdPoint Family

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Be The Change The World Is Waiting For

The Blockchain is growing rapidly into a place of plentiful abundance for all of it's participants. We invite you to join us and step into a beautiful future together!


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